Cyber crimes are increasing at an alarming rate; there is a need for strict and effective cyber laws as well. Our workshop, Cyber-Statute, is for such situations where we teach and guide students about what are the legal procedures and steps that they ought to take in order to secure their electronic systems and records. We help them learn the legal framework (reporting, punishments, actions taken etc) that is required in order to report any malicious crime or attack. We teach everything from a legal perspective, which would help the students in the long run, anytime in their future.

This is a common situation that each one of you must have encountered at sometime in your life. The steps after you discover that your private social networking account has been hacked? What should be the next step and what you ought to do are few of the questions that keep running in an individuals mind. With our Cyber-Statute workshop, we train and teach the students about such steps, which they need to take and about the procedure that needs to be followed in order to have best support by the Law. Everything is done with legal procedures and steps, so that you reach to a conclusion and thus, your problem is dealt with extreme care and precision.

Workshop Details

  • Passion to learn new things
  • Knowledge of How to use Computer & Internet

  • Assurance of changing your point of view towards a Cyber Crime and Law
  • At least 95% Security as a normal user in your digital life

  • Cyber-Scout – After Effect of Hacking Toolkit
  • Software Tool Kit for each student (10GB)
  • Training Material (E-book) for each students
  • Authorized Certificate after the completion of the Workshop
  • Constant Touch with the Trainer even after the Workshops via or Private mails

16 hours (Will be covered in 2 days, 8 hours daily)

Organize a Cyber-Scout workshop at your College

Organizing a CRAFT’s Workshop is game of only three steps:

1. Check the Availability of the following Technical requirements at your campus:

  • An Air-conditioned or well ventilated Stepped Seating
  • Seminar Room with a good sitting capacity
  • Speaker System in the Seminar Hall
  • Two cordless mic (One Collar mic preferred)
  • One LCD projector for demonstration
  • Internet Connection for Laptop (Without Proxy if possible)

2. A Formal Confirmation on the College Letter Head by the authorized person

3. Discussion for the best possible dates of the workshop and the team CRAFT will be there at your college for the best workshop ever

CRAFT will provide following Marketing Support for Publicity and promotion of the workshop:

  • Specially designed CRAFT’s Workshop Posters
  • Access to CRAFT’s Marketing Kit

Benefits to the Organizers which CRAFT will provide:

  • Mementoes for the college for hosting at their campus
  • Certificate to Coordinators after successful coordinating the workshop

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