Our Expert Cyber-efficient Team “CRAFT Warriors” has revolutionized the concept of detectives by exploring various techniques in investigation and always strives to cope up with building infrastructure and network as per need and demand of our clients.

The role of detective comes into fore when this curiosity grows towards our known people and also it becomes significant when some information has possibility of gaining legal proportions, the need of investigation is felt and at that time you require a professional advice and help.

Earlier the scope of detective agencies were limited to PERSONAL and BANKING INVESTIGATIONS which has tremendous makeover from 1990 and inclusion of CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS also becoming part of private investigations.


We are proud to announce that we are the first detective Team in India have taken the initiative to broaden the scope of detective services with inclusion of various other new concepts such as FACT FINDING COMMISSIONS, COUNSELING RELIEFS, and REAL ESTATE INTELLIGENCE, LEGAL ADVISORY SERVICES, INTERNATIONAL ASSIGNMENT AND NRI,s BRANCH.

Our Cyber-Investigation Team is Uttarakhand and Delhi Based Cybersecurity Agency in state of Uttarakhand and our operations spread to whole of state districts and Sub-districts in early 2010, with tremendous response to our investigations we spread our network to Top cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, New Delhi, Kolkata, Goa from year 2013 onwards.

Later in year 2016 our Team started spreading our Network to State of Bihar and Jharkhand.

With successful operations and network in this state’s, now our Team is under process of spreading our network in remote districts of Indian States and contemplating for giving Franchisee.

The criminal complaints handled by our Team were mostly of theft, suicide, missing and kidnappings for which we were highly appreciated by our clients. With start of IT SECTOR and Multinational companies the scope of Private detectives has enlarged with inclusion of FORENSIC SCIENCE, CYBER CRIME, and FACT FINDING MISSIONS adding to services in Private detective network.

Going by requirement for these services our Team also completely adopted the entire infrastructure for improvement of FORENSIC SCIENCE, CYBER CRIME and complete overhaul of investigation technology and methods.

Our Team was first to initiate the inclusion of SPY SOFTWARE’S in the concept of detectives, which has really changed the scenario of detective network and investigations.

Earlier the FACT FINDING MISSIONS were restricted to un-official and discreet enquiries but this missions has gained legal proportions well accepted in court of law as Exhibit of Evidence, our Team initiates this missions with full fledge active legal support and also include members of social organization if situations warrants or permit for greater transparency and accountability.

Our Team has all such best investigations aids to support our investigations and all our investigations conducted in highly sophisticated spy cameras.

As we are importing all such spy cameras, we had best collection of all such gadgets used in our coveted operations which has no comparison to local gadgets available in market.

We are pioneers in introducing the spy tools in this market in year 2010-11 , which had made tremendous make over presently with all sought of updations.

Hiring the private detective was earlier a PREMIER SERVICE which was not in the reach of middle class and poor, our Team has taken the first initiative to make these services available within the reach of every class of society.

In lieu of this initiative we have introduced the Concept of Counseling services which we had been providing free of cost without consultation to poor persons on production of proof and even provide part of investigation services free or at nominal cost if necessary. It is hearty wish that our clients do not face any problems in their life and hope that our investigations nullify their suspicions and doubts, effectively.

We are into this business of providing the detective services from year 2011 and with experienced gained all through this year’s we continually strived to  improve our services basing on our experience and also floated various other wings and departments as per the needs and requirement of our clients.


This are the unit officers working for our company on pay rolls as Private spies, they are under direct responsibilities to implement plans and devised strategies given by central command  of Dehradun Head Office.

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