Comprehensive mobile application security testing

Our Mobile Application Security Testing service leverages application mapping, reverse engineering and proprietary tools to identify business logic and technical vulnerabilities in your mobile applications.

Our Approach

Many of the risks associated with mobile application are similar to those of web-applications such as user authentication, data security, data in transit, etc. Our core focus lies not only in identifying technical vulnerabilities but identify key issues related to application permission and data flow.
Our in-house developed E.D.I.T.E framework takes our experienced consultants through a well-defined testing workflow that intelligently automates repeatable tasks while facilitating auditors to efficiently carry out thorough manual testing

Our Reports

Our custom developed reports provide application specific details along with step-by-step fix information, code and configuration examples. Some unique aspects of our reports are:

Custom developed by experts specifically for your application infrastructure

Detailed fix information with source-code and configuration details for your development language and platform

Multiple fixes and workarounds to help you find the best possible solution

Realtime Security Dashboard

Our security audit dashboard allows customers to access their projects and data in real-time. Furthermore it allows them to manage their projects end-to-end from project initialization, activity tracking, issue management, patch tracking, re-testing, reporting, compliance, etc. Some of the unique aspects of our dashboard are:
• Real-Time Project Management
• Patch Tracking & Issue Closure
• Management Views
• On-Demand Re-Testing
• In-built Training & Knowledge Sharing
• Customizable Reports
• WAF / IPS Integration
• Bug Tracker Integration
• Data Analytics
• Integration and Expansion

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