Workshops have been the identity of CRAFT, they are our biggest brand, which has created a niche for itself. The workshop has gathered mass popularity and has received heartening appreciation from the leaders of both the teaching fraternity and industry stalwarts. We are committed to improve and better ourselves as time goes by and provide you with the finest workshop experience in numerous career fields.

College Workshops

We aim to cater the best colleges of the country and impart them with maximum knowledge, skills, training and expertise in their area of interest. We follow a rotation policy that is based on the competitiveness of the college and the quality of students present. We endeavor that our output does not compromise on either the quantity or the quality grade.

  1. SnoopHole (Details Attached in separate file)
  2. HacXploit
  3. Cyber-Secure
  4. Cyber Scout
  5. Cyber Statute

School Workshops

With the positive feedback and response we have got by conducting workshops and other training programs successfully across India, we aim to spread our wings on similar lines and impart similar workshops which are school-student oriented. As such workshops would help the students achieve greater career heights and make the right kind of professional decisions.

  1. Malicious
  2. Trojan – Pandora Box

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